About me

Michel Fink

Swiss Olympic | Coach High Performance® with Federal Diploma
DOSB | A-Level Coach High Performance Olympic Weightlifting®
ISSA | Master Trainer®


Founder of “Fink Athletic Strength Systems”, the “Weightlifting Club Aarau” and former operator of the “Weightlifting Academy Aarau” and its department for High Performance Sports.

He has been working as a trainer and coach in various sports for over a decade, responsible and specialising in the development of strength and athletic ability with the aim of international competitiveness. His enthusiasm for movement training remains unbroken, even after the successes and defeats of all these years in the fast-paced world of elite sports, he imparts his knowledge with his open, clear, direct manner and always honest communication. As a specialist in “movement therapy”, he remains committed in his daily work to rehabilitation and restoring convalescents to full performance.

He also passes on his experience in developing, programming and teaching of exercise-specific movement sequences in the training of coaches and incorporates his high level of specialist knowledge and expertise in the field of training theory, teaching methods and his affinity for movement theory into his practical work. He knows better than almost anyone else how to design exercise modifications in such a way that a transfer of performance is achieved, especially when coaching top athletes and candidates for the special units, who have to fulfil their selection criteria. From the very beginning, Michel’s methodological approach has not focussed on the quantity of load, but on a clear understanding of the quality of movement.

As from 2024 all areas of expertise are now combined under a single organisation, the “MPE Group Ltd”. This is the only institution in Switzerland that specialises in the promotion of a long term development of olympic weightlifting proficiencies across all squad levels for sports associations.
The “Weightlifting Club Aarau” operates independently in its organisation, remains integrated into the German association and is now mainly focusing on the “JFG” youth development programme launched with the partner association “Schwerathletik Club Bern” for a connection to competitive sport.

About me

For me as a trainer and coach, it is very important to be able to choose from a variety of exercises and their modifications, as well to benefit from my own experience in order to provide athletes with a gentle approach to the entire range of motion. This applies in particular to beginners and athletes from other training systems who want to develop their strength and athleticism in the long term and often already have deficits of various kinds as well as restrictions in mobility.

Analysing the scientific literature and the privilege of my own many years of experience in the day-to-day training of athletes and coaches of all levels in a wide variety of sports, enables me to cover a broader technical development of the various training tools with the use of varied training exercises.
Unfortunately, there is very little training science literature that takes up this topic and describes and even fully answers the many aspects of highly specialised and varied training. Improving the performance of advanced athletes in particular is still a difficult and very complex task that needs to be mastered. Finding new training stimuli at a perhaps already highly specialised level is generally difficult and requires a great deal of research in practice and theory.

“Having a full concept of choosing variations is a lifelong process”